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02 juil. 2020
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EUREKA Newsletter, July 2020

In this first edition of the EUREKA newsletter, you can read about the EUREKA Kick off meeting, learn more about how EUREKA is related to the sister project EURAKNOS and meet Alice Minichini from CEJA, who represents the voice of young European farmers in the EUREKA project. Plus much more! To follow the work in EUREKA sign up for this newsletter or follow us on twitter.

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29 juin 2020
Keyboard agriculture

Moving regional workshops online, getting to know the Farmbook users

An important process before building the open knowledge platform, the Farmbook, which is one of the main outputs of the EUREKA project, is to understand who the potential FarmBook users are: Their requirements for accessing knowledge and how farmers, foresters and advisors would normally tackle issues within their agricultural sector.

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25 juin 2020
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Keep it in the family

EUREKA is one of a growing ‘family’ of Horizon 2020 multi-actor projects that aim to improve and strengthen the creation, exchange and practical use of agriculture and forestry-related knowledge at European, national and regional level. These family connections do not get any closer or stronger than the unique relationship that exists between EUREKA and EURAKNOS. These two sister projects are both led by the University of Gent with largely the same consortium partners. Together they are exploring the feasibility of constructing an EU-wide open source knowledge platform that will intensify knowledge exchange between H2020 multi-actor projects and the farmers and foresters that can make practical use of their outcomes. The key difference between the two sister projects is the type of H2020 multi-actor project they are focusing upon.

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25 juin 2020
Æbletræ biofruitnet

Improving crop protection in organic fruit production

Plant protection against pests and diseases is a big issue for organic fruit growers, as fruit is a very sensitive produce. Many organic farmers in Europe have adapted locally their own practices and techniques to succesfully deal with the challenge of organic crop protection. However, this valuable practical knowledge often remains at the local level, instead of being shared with fruit growers in other regions facing the same problems. The BIOFRUITNETproject aims at connecting practitioners in the organic fruit sector throughout Europe and making these successful methods of crop protection available to all.

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22 juin 2020
Pictures for metas articles

More than 100 multi-actor projects examined to pick out the best practices

More than 100 multi-actor projects examined to pick out the best practices; The work of investigating a broad spectrum of multi actor projects in order to identify best practices within a number of key areas is in full progress in the work package 1 of the EUREKA project. A thorough desktop investigation of more than 100 multi actor projects has been carried out.

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15 févr. 2020
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EUREKA Kick-off meeting

The EUREKA Project kick-off meeting took place in Brugge, Belgium in late January 2020. The scope of the meeting was to plan the work ahead and getting the process of mapping the multi-actor projects and building mulit-actor communities started.

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