EURAKNOS releases its Explorer’s Guide to Thematic Networks

EURAKNOS kicked off in January 2019 with two primary aims: first, to connect and learn from the experiences of past and present Thematic Network projects, and second to develop a prototype data platform to investigate the feasibility and added value of housing the knowledge resources created by different Thematic Network projects in one centralized location that is designed to meet the needs and expectations of target end-users.

This November, EUREKA's sister project, EURAKNOS, marks a key milestone: publication of the EURAKNOS Explorer’s Guide to Thematic Networks. Currently available in English, translated versions will soon be made available. This manual offers advice on how to design and implement Thematic Networks to maximise user engagement and impact, starting at the pre-funding phase running through project implementation to sustainability post-funding. The content was co-created with thematic network representatives and agricultural society actors in Europe, including researchers, farmers, foresters, advisors, policy makers, NGOs, SMEs who participated in workshops both online and in-person. The Explorer’s Guide provides a support framework to learn from previous Thematic Networks to create higher impact. Throughout the booklet, there are good practice examples and explanations of key processes and recommendations. Check out the summary video and click here to access the EURAKNOS Explorer’s Guide to Thematic Networks!

Work on platform development is still ongoing and the preliminary work carried out in EURAKNOS is being built upon by EUREKA to develop FarmBook. EURAKNOS’ latest podcast interviews the technical team to find out how this work has progressed over the course of the two projects – you can listen on Spotify or Youtube.

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