Deliverables in the EUREKA project

Here you can find all EUREKA information resources. The page will be updated continuously.

Map of all MA projects by sector and macro-region with links in the EIP-AGRI landscape (D. 1.1)

The main purpose of the report is to develop a map of all multi-actor projects by sector and macro-regions with the link to the EIP-AGRI landscape

Report on available multi-actor project data – Best practices (D. 1.4)

This report presents an overview of the knowledge and data produced in multi-actor projects

Report on end-user archetypes, end-user journeys and validation workshops (D. 2.3)

This report presents the results from validation workshops which were conducted with potential end-users of the “FarmBook” knowledge platform

Data Selection and Data Quality Assessment Report (D. 3.1)

This reports concerns evaluation and selection of data sets, knowledge objects and Data Quality Evaluation

Report on Data Governance and Sustainability Strategy Recommendations (D. 3.3)

This report concerns the description and analysis of the governance and sustainability aspects of the FarmBook.

Report on the EUREKA Project website (D. 5.2)

This report presents the process of the development of the EUREKA website.

First set of Practice Abstracts European Knowledge (D. 5.8)

This deliverable contains the first set of Practice Abstracts from the EUREKA project.


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