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18 márc. 2021
Farm Book screen dump computers

A strong relationship; from EURAKNOS to EUREKA

Did you know that much of the new agricultural and forestry knowledge never actually reaches the people who need it most? Quite surprising - isn’t it! The good news is that in our two sister projects, EURAKNOS and EUREKA, we have been working to change this situation.

16 nov. 2020

Towards developing the technical part of the FarmBook

One of the main tasks in the EUREKA project is developing the design and software of the FarmBook, and the data development team responsible for this is very much dependent on the results and input from other partner teams analyzing end-user needs.

13 nov. 2020
Photo for consortium summary

Fruitful consortium meeting – including social coffee breaks in new virtual settings

In late August this year, EUREKA held its second consortium meeting, following up on the kick-off meeting held in Bruges, Belgium in January. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the August meeting was arranged as a three-day online event, where consortium members from all corners of Europe met up virtually to tell and learn more about the progress of the different activities and tasks in the EUREKA project.

11 nov. 2020
Szabolcs VAGO new1

Get to know the FarmBook end-user

A huge quantitative end-user survey with altogether 2407 respondents has recently been completed in the EUREKA-project. The purpose of the survey is to better understand the needs and preferences of end-users (farmers, foresters, advisors) when searching for relevant information within the field of agriculture, both online and through other communication channels.

27 okt. 2020
FLIN header

New insights at Farmer Led Innovation webinar

Recently, the Farmer Led Innovation Network (FLIN) and EURAKNOS, the “sister project” of EUREKA, hosted a webinar on Farmer Led Innovation, facilitated by Dr Lisa Williams van Dijk. FLIN is a group of organisations in the UK who advocate funding for farmer led research, development and innovation. 40 persons attended, ranging from researchers, industry representatives, journalists, facilitators, advisors, welfare organisations, farmers, vets and environmentalists, to project managers who joined the workshop from across Europe and even Australia.



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