The creation of a data model for the EUREKA EU FarmBook

The EUREKA project was represented at the 2nd Integrated Food Ontology Workshop (IFOW)

The work that has been undertaken in the EUREKA project regarding the creation of a data model for the definition of metadata for the EUREKA EU FarmBook’s Knowledge Objects was presented in the 2nd Integrated Food Ontology Workshop (IFOW); a hybrid virtual and on-site workshop held as part of the 12th International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies in Bolzano Italy (September 15-18, 2021). The presentation has been on the work documented in the paper: “A semantic data model for a FAIR digital repository of heterogeneous agricultural digital objects” authored by Hercules Panoutsopoulos (Agricultural University of Athens), Christopher Brewster (Maastricht University), and Spyros Fountas (Agricultural University of Athens).

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