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A huge quantitative end-user survey with altogether 2407 respondents has recently been completed in the EUREKA-project. The purpose of the survey is to better understand the needs and preferences of end-users (farmers, foresters, advisors) when searching for relevant information within the field of agriculture, both online and through other communication channels.

At the moment a draft analysis of the survey is being prepared. Szabolcs Vágó, from the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre (NAIK) in Hungary is a part of the interview/survey team and explains:

“Several interviews with farmers including regional workshops gave us the basis for developing the methodology for the questionnaire for the quantitative end-user survey. A great number of responses have been collected, which makes it possible to prepare a useful analysis. Unfortunately, we have not reached the targeted number of responses, which was 3-4000, and there are some inhomogeneities in the database, but we are dealing with potential problems and barriers that occurred during the data collection. At the moment we are planning to prepare publications on the results coming from the 40 regional interviews with farmers as well as from the survey”.

Szabolcs Vágó is at the moment finalizing the analysis and preparing short summaries for the bigger report on end-user archetypes and end-user journeys. The report is expected to be done by the end of December, and in January validation workshops will be held.

Read more about the survey:

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