What we do

EUREKA is one of a growing ‘family’ of EU-funded projects that aim to strengthen and improve the flow of agricultural and rural-related knowledge and innovation at European, national and regional level.

EUREKA is developing the 'FarmBook' - a single open source e-platform for collecting and sharing the many different types of end-user material produced by Horizon 2020 multi-actor projects.

How we do it

EUREKA brings together a diverse partnership of experts from 21 organisations in 15 countries to analyse the supply of - and demand for – the practical knowledge and innovative solutions generated in the 120 multi-actor projects that have been funded to-date under the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Working in close consultation with potential end-users, EUREKA will construct and optimize an open source e-platform (the FarmBook) before actively promoting it to the multi-actor project community. Training in the use of the FarmBook will also be provided.

EUREKA builds on the experience gained in the EURAKNOS project which is aiming to optimize the flow of knowledge from one very specific form of multi-actor project, the so-called Thematic Networks.

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Our main objectives

  • To co-create a stronger EU wide agricultural knowledge base on the multi-actor approach
  • To reinforce an active and engaged multi-actor project community
  • To select and make accessible the most relevant and high impact agricultural multi-actor project knowledge for the rural and scientific community via an easily searchable and open-source database called the FarmBook
  • Ensure the longevity and better sharing of multi-actoruser material and research outputs to enhance wider, long-term use across all sectors

Our project structure

The EUREKA project consists of six work packages (WP) each with their own responsibilities and areas of expertise:

WP 1: Multi-actor knowledge mapping and co-creating multi-actor best practices
WP 2: Get to know the Farmbook user
WP 3: Knowledge selection and Farmbook blueprint development
WP 4: Build the Farmbook and optimize with users
WP 5: Develop an active multi-actor community to promote and use Farmbook
WP 6: Project coordination and management

Project period
01.01 2020 - 31.12 2021

Total project budget
2,5 m €

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