Understand the needs of people in the agricultural sector - see this webinar!

‘Personas’ have been used in business marketing for many years, but received little attention in agriculture. In July, three representatives from the EUREKA project held a webinar to discuss the method of creating personas to help connect with users and understand the needs of the people that will use products or services important in the agricultural sector.

The webinar introduces examples of persona creation to develop an online knowledge reservoir, as well as the understanding of farmer knowledge exchange requirements in the dairy-bred beef calf rearing sector.

Emily Bull, who presented the method of creating personas at the seminar - together with Dr Lisa Williams van Dijk and Dr Laurens van der Cruyssen - highlights that over 60 participants from across the EU and United Kingdom participated in the event: “the webinar was appropriate for a broad scope of participants. It was predominantly aimed at farmers and foresters, agribusiness owners, advisors, policy advisors and those working within research organisations. The majority of participants were from research organisations although it was attended by members from each of the categories mentioned”.

Did you miss the webinar? Don’t worry, you can find it here

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